Dans la lune

Jimmy Betry - Claire Letord - Yingxue Li - Hugo Louiset - Colombine Majou - Léa Pietrzyk - Marie de Ségogne - Antoine Testu.


Ernest has always been a bit moony. But these days, this retired astronaut can't remember a thing, not even Olive, his granddaughter. Very sadden to see her grandfather this way, she takes a journey through the mind of the old man, hoping to find him.

A film by Jimmy Betry (Concept Art, Background) - Claire Letord (Concept Art, Colo anim) - Yingxue Li (Animation) - Hugo Louiset (Animation) - Colombine Majou (Character design, Story-board) - Léa Pietrzyk (Animation) - Marie de Ségogne (Concept Art, Compositing) - Antoine Testu (Animation).

Music: "Dans la Lune" de Gabriel Majou.

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