Corentin Baillot, Milan Bourgeon, Clémence Fortunato, Louis Somson, Simon Tartar, Anthony Woué


In a tropical archipelago where local fishermen brew a fish-based liquor, two aviators fight against each other in a race, where alcoholic birds are sucked in by the planes using them as ammunition or fuel.

KuiKuite consists in a race composed of two players picking up bonuses (shown as flocks of birds) they can either use against their opponent or sacrifice for a temporary speed boost.

Video game by Corentin Baillot (3-D production, script), Milan Bourgeon (3-D production), Clémence Fortunato (game design, level design), Louis Somson (concept art, 3-D production), Simon Tartar (concept art, 3-D production), Anthony Woué (3-D production, animation). This game was produced with Unity, 3DSMax, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Topo Gun, 3D Coat and Quixel.

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