Crinolines - The shadow of a desire

Antoine Aries - Aymeric Riley - Ran Tao


The facade: structure and membrance

The structure calls to mind a netting of mesh that gradually frays upwards, from the bottom to the top. It is made of metallic perforated panels with an anthracite dye. The spacing of the netting allows passers-by to observe what is happening inside the theatre and vice versa. The idea is to create a new face for the theatre.

The ground floor

Reception, shop, cloakroom, staircase: from the moment they enter the theatre, visitors discover an elegant space equipped with automated welcome points made of wood and Corian. Each of these machines is covered by a wooden structure, which references the form and design of a crinoline. The idea is to “go under the girls’ skirts” to access the different services offered at the theatre.

The restaurant

The upstairs restaurant is structured with screens with a mesh-style design. The density of the netting changes vertically, from the bottom to the top. The screens are made out of perforated metallic panels. They are then dyed white to reflect the natural light. The screens are located between each table to separate clients from one another.


Fifth year students in Interior Architecture and Design at LISAA Paris worked on the renovation project of the Parisian cafe-theatre La Scala. In collaboration with the show producer Frédéric Biessy, director of La Scala, students created a global design project, covering visual identity right up to furniture design.

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