You shall not bite

Nicolas Bechennec - Célia Carcassonne - Lauriane Montpert - David Jucht - Maïlin Molinier - The Long Ly


Worried by a radio transmission and without news of her unit, mosquito Ulexia enters Marko’s house and discovers a grim battlefield in his room spangled with the bodies of her mosquito companions. Ulexia decides to avenge their deaths.

A 3-D Animation film by Nicolas Bechennec (Concept, Storyboard, Animation), Célia Carcassonne (Co-Direction, Modeliing, Texturing, Lighting), Lauriane Montpert (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting), David Jucht (Animation, Modeling, Compositing), Maïlin Molinier (Rigging, Topology, Lighting) and The Long Ly (Visual Development, Matte painting, Texturing).