Alexane Le Guil



The Wasaga, a traditional Japanese umbrella and parasol made of bamboo and Japanese Washi paper, is known for its delicate beauty and its meticulous manufacture. Thanks to the process of origami, the structure of the umbrella holds itself: folds create solidity while keeping a natural flexibility and all traditional umbrella structural elements have been removed.

YU is made up of just two parts: the mast, made of wood, and the cover, made from paper. In order to be completely waterproof, the paper is covered in a film. YU is an elegant umbrella, which revisits the ancestral Japanese tradition of paper folding. Light falls on and filters through the folds of the paper, highlighting its beauty. A gradation of grey can be seen, ranging from the purest tones of white to the shadows of the greyest shades.

Bouroullec Exhibition: the design process as seen by LISAA

To coincide with the Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec exhibition at the Champs Libres, the FRAC and the Parlement of Brittany, students from LISAA Rennes have created a buzz by putting on an exhibition about the design process. To illustrate this topic, students are using their research and design work for an umbrella.

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