Alexane Le Guil


Today, in every large student town in France, the same phenomenon can be seen: rent prices are continually increasing while the supply of city centre accommodation is insufficient.

Students have several options: living in accommodation of less than 20m², a flat-share, living outside the city centre or even renting a room as a lodger. Several classified ads for the latter are springing up online. This solution is advantageous for both parties. For the tenant: a reasonable price, furniture included, an easy move and friends nearby. For the landlord: additional revenue and the opportunity to share moments of their life in a community. Renting a room as a lodger can be an ideal solution, on the condition that the rules of this accommodation sharing are established.

Z is part of a desire to bring different generations together under the same roof, to share not only accommodation but also knowledge and know-how that enrich their cohabitation. With the help of a website, landlords with empty bedrooms will be able to put their spaces up for rent. Students will be able to choose the accommodation that they wish and to personalise their night unit to their tastes.

The installation of this night unit is at the agency’s cost. Building work might be recommended to a landlord in order to add value to their accommodation and enable them to benefit from privacy, a key factor in making this a successful way of living.

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