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LISAA Game ranked 5th best creative school for console game production by The Rookies

The Rookies has published its annual ranking of the best animation and video games schools in 2023. LISAA Game is ranked 5th among the best creative schools in the world, in the "Excellence in console game production" category. This is a very prestigious distinction, rewarding the creativity and excellence of the students and the quality of the teaching provided by LISAA Game/Anim.

LISAA Game/Anim, 5th best school in the world in console game production

LISAA Game/Anim came 5th in the category 'Excellence in Console Game Production' in the latest global ranking of The Rookies 2023, which rewards the best creative schools in the animation and video games sector. This success reflects the importance of teaching at LISAA, which encourages students to develop their talent and creativity in order to become experts in video game creation. The game 1841: Shirinsky, created at the school, is a prime example of this: it is one of the finalists in the Rookie Awards 2023.

The results are based on the participation of more than 5,500 students, with more than 58,000 evaluations made by 180 judges. The school has also been granted of the prestigious The Rookies certification, "a quality label that identifies the schools best suited to preparing artists for a career in the creative industries".

An innovative ranking method

The Rookies establishes its rankings in an innovative way by assessing students' artistic portfolios, considering criteria like creative and technical skills, quality of presentation, diversity of skills, complexity of projects, talent and employment potential. This gives an accurate and relevant assessment of students' skills, compared with other ranking methods based on conventional criteria such as the size of the school.

How LISAA trains the future of excellence

LISAA Game/Anim creates an environment that replicates the workings of a professional studio, encouraging teamwork, project management and the resolution of challenges specific to console game production. This immersive approach provides students with comprehensive preparation for their future careers in the games industry while developing their creative universe. Students also benefit from the guidance of a high-quality teaching team, who encourage them to produce original projects. Certification at the Rookies Awards 2023, assessed by industry experts, confirms LISAA Game's excellence and the potential of its students, highlighting their success in the field of games creation.

The Rookies

Founded in 2005, The Rookies is well known for its crucial part in helping aspiring artists to build careers in digital creation and entertainment. The annual Rookie Awards provide invaluable recognition for up-and-coming artists, enabling them to showcase their work to over 150 of the industry's most influential figures.

The co-founder of The Rookies, Andrew McDonald, said that schools which recreate the experience of a production studio offer a significant advantage to students by encouraging teamwork, an understanding of production pipelines, effective planning, resource management and problem solving.

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