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The management teams have a common enthusiasm and passion for their field of creation. Their pedagogical and professional experience, and the daily support of students is an asset for LISAA.

Charlotte Campanella

Charlotte Campanella

Managing Director / Galileo Global Education France

Stéphane Tavard

Chief Financial Officer

Pauline Serraz

Marketing & Communications Director

José Palomero

Art Director
Marine Jourdan

Marine Jourdan

Communications Manager

Mantia Traoré

Events Communication Officer

Giuliana Galloni

Social media manager

Kelly Laffarge

Community manager

Aurélie Alvarez

Head of Digital Marketing

François Vermorel

Director of LISAA Graphic Design

Emmanuelle Torck

Director of LISAA Interior Architecture and Design

Jean-Gabriel Saint-Paul

Director of LISAA Animation & Video Games
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Vanessa Farnot

Head of Studies - Foundation Year & Graphic Design 1st & 2nd years

Gabriel Desplanque

Head of Studies - Digital Art Direction

Sarah Saulnier de Praingy

Head of Studies - Digital Art Direction

Chantal Boëtte

Head of Educational Administration - Interior Architecture & Design

Paul Jouan

Director of Studies - Interior Architecture & Design

Sarngsan Na Soontorn

Educational referent for international classes - Interior Architecture & Design

Elodie Sagot

Educational Referent - Interior Design & Decoration

Madjid Haddad

Training Advisor / Professionalisation Officer - Interior Architecture & Design

Romain Boyer

Head of Programmes - Fashion

Christelle Conte

Head of Studies - Fashion

Isabelle Laurent

Head of Studies - E-learning master's

Karel Mills

Educational coordinator - Fashion Design course

Emmanuelle Bresson

Head of Studies - Fashion Business Course

Séverine Ruhaut

Work experience and internships manager - Fashion

Raphaëlle H'Limi

Head of Digital Learning - Fashion

Florence Cabanes

Head of Corporate Relations - Fashion

Mickaël Masure

Head of Studies - First Year Animation, VFX & Video Games

Xavier Puchol

Head of Studies - Video Game Bachelors

Frédéric Lefort

Head of Studies - Animation & VFX Masters

Colin Waurzyniak

Head of Studies - VFX Bachelor VFX and Video Game Masters

Maryse Ménigot Masson

Head of Admissions - Foundation year / Graphic Design & Motion Design
Fatoumata N'Diaye - LISAA Paris Design graphique

Fatoumata N'Diaye

Head of Admissions Master Art Direction

Emilie Chevalier

Admissions manager - Fashion

Soraya Bash

Admissions manager - Fashion

Quentin Balzeau

Head of Admissions - Animation, VFX and Video Game

Perrine Roussel

Head of Admissions - Animation, VFX and Video Game

Theo Ragozzino

Admissions manager - Interior Architecture & Design

Christophe Beauducel

Director LISAA Nantes / Introductory Course in Applied Arts (MANAA) / Semiology

Valérie Loubatier

Head of Studies - Interior Architecture & Design / Artistic Expression / Drawing & Structural Drawing

Anne-Sophie Keruzoré

Head of Studies - Foundation year

Corélia Pinault

Head of Studies - Fashion Design & Textile Design / Design lab / Fashion & Communication

Christine Tisserand

Head of Studies - Graphic Design / Creativity Studio / Production Technology

Anita Marzelière

Head of Studies

Mathilde Hervet

Corporate relations & sandwich course manager

Sonia Lecomte

Director LISAA Rennes

Sklerijenn Havouis

Head of Studies - Foundation Year

François Camard

Head of Studies - Graphic Design / Creativity / Motion design
Fabrice Clochard, Responsable architecture d'intérieur & design - LISAA Rennes

Fabrice Clochard

Head of Studies - Interior Architecture & Design
Anne-Laure Delacroix-Gérard - LISAA Rennes

Anne-Laure Delacroix-Gérard

Public Relations Manager

Anthony Angé

Fab manager

Benjamin Walker

Director LISAA Strasbourg / Head of studies Foundation year

Claude Saos

Head of Studies - Interior Architecture & Design

Joachim Werner

Head of Studies - Graphic Design
Leila Menard - LISAA Strasbourg

Leila Menard

LISAA Erasmus Coordinator
Claire Dewaele - LISAA Strasbourg

Claire Dewaele

Reception & school administration office
Nathalie Zanin - LISAA Strasbourg

Nathalie Zanin


Romain Auberger

Director of Studies - LISAA Bordeaux

Lucas Leplat

Head of Studies - 2-D/3-D Video game

Hervé Padrino

Head of Studies - Interior Architecture & Design

Marie Printemps

Head of Studies - Graphic Design

Chloé Sagnol

Head of Studies - Foundation year

Amélie Lavolée

Head of Admissions & Corporate relations

Marine Aitali

Communications / Partnerships / PR / Events

Christophe Marange

Director of Studies - LISAA Toulouse
Richard Talut - LISAA Toulouse

Richard Talut

Head of Studies - Graphic Design & Digital Art Direction
Cédric Serres - LISAA Toulouse

Cédric Serres

Head of Studies - 2-D/3-D Animation

Marie Boutavant

Training Advisor and Corporate Projects Manager
Carole Sery - LISAA Toulouse admissions

Carole Sery

Admissions Manager
LISAA Bordeaux
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LISAA Nantes
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LISAA Paris Animation & Jeu Vidéo
7 rue Armand Moisant
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LISAA Paris Architecture d’intérieur & Design
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LISAA Paris Design graphique & Motion design
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LISAA Paris Mode
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LISAA Rennes
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LISAA Strasbourg
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LISAA Toulouse
Campus Enova - 505 rue Jean Rostand
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