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A semester of studies at Central Saint Martins, a prestigious art school in London

Since the beginning of the 2019 academic year, students at LISAA Graphic Design Paris have been able to follow a semester of the Digital Art Direction course at a prestigious international university with which LISAA has established privileged agreements. Alice Blanc is one of a handful of students who have been so lucky. For the past month, she has been studying at Central Saint Martins (London).


It is one of the most renowned art schools in the world, and certainly the most famous fashion school. Nicknamed CSM, it is one of the components of the University of the Arts in London. A veritable breeding ground for talent, the London school has trained some of the greatest names in the artistic world of the 21st century, from Stella McCartney to John Galliano and Lambert Wilson.


Particularly renowned for its Fashion course, Central Saint-Martins also offers training in Graphic Design.


It is in this school that Alice Blanc, a student at LISAA Graphic Design Paris, chose to follow a semester. Since the beginning of the 2019 academic year, the Parisian school has offered a handful of its students the opportunity to study in a foreign art school for one semester.



At just 21 years old, Alice Blanc is in the first year of her Master's degree in Digital Art Direction. To the question "Why Central Saint Martins?", she answers: "It is an excellent school, open to the international community. It offers ultra-diversified courses in marketing, fashion, design... and even ceramics! At CSM, we don't just have one course category, we can cover all areas.


This unique experience, offered by LISAA, allowed Alice Blanc to experiment with new techniques and discover other fields: "This experience gives me an even broader vision of the possibilities for the future that are open to me. For example, marketing was not part of my training, but now that I'm studying it, it makes me want to immerse myself even more in it, just like fashion, video and photography... "says the student.


A typical week in the London school is two or three days of classes and two studio days, during which students do what they want and work where they want. They have access to all the material to enable them to make successful projects.


Alice Blanc emphasizes: "At Central Saint Martins, we are very free in our projects.



Studying in London means adapting to the rhythm of life, which is very different from that of Paris. Something made for Alice Blanc. At 8am, she works alone, then goes for a walk in Covent Garden, a famous London district, to continue her projects in a café or meet her friends. Around 2pm, she goes to school where she works with her classmates "many of the projects are done in teams!


There, the young student had no trouble joining a group: "Everything is done for! Associations, organizations.... Everything is done to ensure that you meet people through weekends, events...".


In a few weeks, Alice Blanc will return to Paris. She will finish her year at LISAA Graphic Design Paris. But she says: "I fell in love with this city, this school and the atmosphere that governs it. I'll go back, that's for sure! For a weekend, a few months, or even several years... who knows?"


Photo: 2019 Foundation Show, by Martin Slivka

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