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Backlight Studio conference on virtual reality techniques

On 30th March at 5pm, Backlight Studio, an agency specialising in special effects founded by LISAA alumni, will come to meet students on the video games and special effects courses in order to present their work, in particular that linked to virtual reality techniques.

Backlight studio

Backlight Studio is a Paris-based graphic design agency founded by alumni from the 3-D animation course at LISAA. The centre of their activity is 3-D animation, particularly special effects known as VFX, and motion design. Even though Backlight Studio works on many short films, mostly in the advertising industry, the agency is increasingly focusing on the field of virtual reality.

Virtual reality

In 2015, Backlight Studio created Birdy King Land, a virtual reality video game available on Oculus Rift. This exercise is above all a technological demonstration of their knowledge in this emerging field. The studio has since been contracted to create two new experiences: one for a large inter-professional union wishing to make its brand younger, and another for a large construction material distribution network wishing to stand out from the competition with a nonstandard technology shop window for some of its branches.

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