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Didier Saco presents the space planning and conceptualization of the Roullier Innovation Centre at D’DAYS

Didier Saco, a design teacher at LISAA, presents the space planning and conceptualization of the Global Innovation Centre of the Roullier Group at the 2016 D’Days Design Festival.

A presentation at D’DAYS 2016

The Didier Saco Design agency, founded by Didier Saco, design teacher at LISAA Interior Architecture and Design, designed the space planning and conceptualization of the Global Innovation Centre of the Roullier Group, located in Saint Malo.

The agency—which specialises in design (brand design, editorial design, service design…), spatial design, signage, space planning and conceptualization—is presenting its projects to the public as part of the D’DAYS design festival, from Tuesday 31st May to Sunday 5th June.

Conceptualizing Values and Ambitions

The project of space planning and conceptualization requires communicating the values and ambitions of the Roullier Group — which specialises in plant, animal and human nutrition — to all users, from residents, to visitors to those who will work in the centre on a daily basis.

It comprises usage scenarios of the spaces, traffic flow studies, lighting, colour and material research, design and development of the exteriors, halls, circulation, chronogramme room, conference rooms, meeting rooms, break rooms, visitor tours: decoration, brass fixtures, furniture, lighting, glass pieces, wall decoration and signage for visitors from the world over that the Roullier Group will welcome.

Spread over two hectares and 8200m² of building space in Saint Malo, the Global Innovation Centre comprises five laboratories and five greenhouses and brings together all the structures linked to research and innovation at the Roullier Group.

Practical information

From Tuesday 31st May to Sunday 5th June, from 11am-7pm

Showroom Serge Ferrari

Cour du Bel-Air

56 rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine

75012 Paris

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