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First English-speaking class graduated from LISAA Interior Architecture and Design

During a special evening on Thursday, December 15, 2022, the students of the first English-speaking class of the Interior Architect and Designer program received their diplomas. A special moment that marks the advent of five years of intensive training spent alongside the professors and the teaching team. A look back at this beautiful event.

Première promotion anglophone - photo Guillaume Lebrun

A special evening to celebrate the success of the english class

Gathered with their families at LISAA Interior Architecture and Design, the students were able to collect their precious diploma, the document that marks the end of their training. Exhibition, photocall, buffet, speeches: the school did not hesitate to offer its new graduates a special evening! The school was transformed into a real architecture gallery where it was possible to discover the creations and models of student projects in the rooms and corridors. A nice way to honor the students' career and creativity.

LISAA Interior Architecture and Design Paris congratulates once again the new graduates and wishes them every success for the future.

The Interior Architecture and Design program in english

This course, which is composed of about 50 students, is aimed at both students who wish to perfect their English in order to work internationally and English-speaking students. The mix of origins and perceptions of the world of interior architecture is an asset for these students,

"LISAA Interior Architecture and Design Paris' English-language program is a highly professional program, but above all, students benefit from a truly international approach," explains Sarngsan, the teacher in charge of international classes. "In this program we have students from several countries: Lebanon, Egypt, Sweden, the United States, China, Korea. The mix is one of the strengths of this program."

 - Sarngsan Na Soontorn, Head of the international program

In addition to this multicultural and international educational approach, students have access to training that validates two areas of expertise: interior architecture and design. LISAA encourages its students to work as a group, in particular with a pedagogy built around the realization of professional projects with companies like Orange, L'Oréal, Ceebios, Ikea, Adajio... A rich and complete training, as the graduate Yasmina underlines: "The training was very interesting, because we worked on several projects at the same time. We were able to explore the culinary aspect, the architecture, the urbanism etc. We really learned a lot, especially with the 3D courses. I remember that it was a very varied course."

International students, a cultural diversity for companies 

Foreign students bring cultural variety and a different vision of trends. With a turnover of between 15 and 25 billion euros each year according to Fnaseph, the interior design market is booming in France and this is one of the reasons why foreign students continue their studies in French schools. This is notably the case of Maria Fernanda, a Colombian-born architect: "I chose France because I saw great potential in the French interior design market. In addition, LISAA was a school that was very connected to the professional world."

International students often exceed the expectations of their employers. In addition to bringing diversity, studying in a different country than their own takes them out of their comfort zone. They are curious and inspired by the exchanges they have had during their schooling. LISAA is aware of the considerable contribution that foreign students represent for the French market and is therefore committed to providing them with professional training and quality support.

The advantages of LISAA Interior Architecture and Design

At LISAA, teaching is geared towards the student's progress towards successful professional integration. LISAA has a qualified teaching staff made up of working professionals who are experts in their field, as well as a competent teaching team that follows students from the moment they enter LISAA until they leave. One of the many strengths of LISAA Architecture and Design is the quality of the equipment and the various workshops made available to students so that each one can express and develop their creative potential to the fullest. Everything is put in place with the aim of training an elite in the field of interior architecture and design. Each student's personality can blossom and become autonomous thanks to the benevolent presence of the teachers and in particular thanks to the relatively small classes of 25 to 35 students.

Admissions are based on an application form and an interview in which the future student presents his/her background and motivation. 

Projet suivi par
Emmanuelle Torck
Director of LISAA Interior Architecture and Design
Projet suivi par
Sarngsan Na Soontorn
Educational referent for international classes - Interior Architecture & Design
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