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Simon Delart, French pixel art pioneer, publishes his first book

At 29 years old, Simon Delart, graduate of the BTS Graphic Design course at LISAA Nantes, is considered to be one of the French pioneers of pixel art. Having worked with internationally renowned studios, he is launching Polygones, the first book dedicated to his work, in May.

A book dedicated to pixel art

Polygones is the first work dedicated to the work of Simon Delart. It was recently crowd-funded on the KissKissBankBank platform. The book will be released as part of ARTitude’s Bootleg collection in May 2016.

Simon Delart: from L-A* to L.A.

Simon Delart defines himself as an illustrator and graphic designer, inspired by pop culture, who pays homage to this world by designing using only triangles. Having studied graphic design at LISAA Nantes, he then spearheaded the French "low poly" movement almost four years ago, following in the footsteps of international artists such as Liam Brazier.

His work, particularly that produced as part of the Poster Posse collective, rapidly reached an international level. The reach of his work commissioned by Marvel, DC Comics, 20th Century Fox, Disney and LucasFilms also played a significant role in his route to success.

His work in the field of pixel art was exhibited in the US and in Japan prior to gaining traction in France. Furthermore, his work is regularly shared and retweeted by the directors and actors from the films on which he works. Most recently, this has included Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool and Peyton Reed for Ant-Man.

* L-A : Loire-Atlantique !

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