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LISAA Paris School of Animation & Game

LISAA ranked among the top 10 French of the world's 100 best animation schools

In its 2075 ranking of the 100 best animation schools worldwide, Animation Career Review includes ten French institutions, among which is ranked the Animation and Video Game school at LISAA.

LISAA, one of the top 10 French schools in the top 1OO worldwide

LISAA's animation program was ranked among the top French schools selected in the top 100 best animation schools worldwide (outside of the US) according to the important American Animation Career Review.

Increased knowledge

In 2015, already a member of the French schools' animation network (RECA), LISAA joined the National union of video games (SNJV) joining 8 other prestigious schools.

LISAA was also classed among the 20 best schools in the world for animation, special effets and video games in the international Autodesk CG Student Awards competition.

Annual international ranking

The annual ranking of the Animation Career Review was effectuated by analyzing many criteria, including the overall quality of the programs and facilities, the quality of individual work by students, geographical proximity with industry players and institutional reputation among professionals.

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