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LISAA Paris Fashion School

LISAA graduate Camille Enrico exhibits her jewellery at Printemps Paris Haussmann

From 24th March to 18th June, Camille Enrico’s jewellery will be exhibited for the first time in the famous Paris department store on Boulevard Haussmann—a real success story for this young, talented and determined designer.

Camille Enrico

Having graduated in Fashion Design-Pattern Making at LISAA Fashion Paris, and then completing a master’s in Fashion and Clothing Product Development at the Ecole Supérieure de l’Industrie du Vêtement (CCIP), Camille Enrico worked for five years as a buyer and then a ready-to-wear designer at Tara Jarmon in Paris.

At the end of this experience, Camille embarked on a trip around the world. It was while travelling that the idea for her jewellery brand came to her. Since then Camille has brought together different styles and opposing worlds. The very essence of her innovative brand comes from the cultural influences she discovers and which she then brings together.

Camille's technique

A mix of precious and raw materials, traditional and modern techniques, shimmering and unusual colours, minimal and sophisticated pieces. Camille sculpts the metal by hand, moulds it, cuts it, pierces it, engraves it, varnishes it, dips it in gold and sometimes even embroiders it with cotton thread. French artisanal savoir-faire lends the pieces a noble quality.

Photo credit: Inside Closet and its charming e-shop of designers. Go and take a look!

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