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Masterclass animated by Kim Marc Huynh, founder of PointMoov

From Feb. 22 to 25, students from the Animation division will attend a masterclass on grading moderated by Marc Huynh Kim, co-founder of PointMoov, a recognised calibrator and 2007 LISAA graduate. This exceptional training coincides with the opening of a new grading technique studio at Lisaa Montparnasse.

A technical and professional masterclass

33 students from the special effects and 3D animation sections will participate in a grading masterclass led by Marc Kim Huynh. The aim is to introduce the digital calibrator business to students using Da Vinci Resolve software. It is an approach essential for the completion of any project with images from film. The aim will be to master the tool and especially to train one's eyes to be able to calibrate different types of projects (advertising, fiction, documentaries...). Unlike compositing, calibration requires working on plans and taking into account the entire project so that the colorimetry helps the film.

A recognized professional

Kim Marc Huynh, co-fondateur of PointMoov and graduate of LISAA Animation, is a well-known digital calibrator. He began working as a 2D animator, then as Character Designer, Props Designer and Assistant Director. In 2011 he had the opportunity to work on a film project. He thus developed a passion for the world of film and post production processing.

Back when I was a student, I would have loved to meet professionals to have a more concrete idea of the different jobs in imagery.

Kim Marc Huynh, co-founder and digital calibrator at Pointmoov

LISAA : Training by a professional, a plus for the students?

Kim : Since the rise of digital, the world of post production image processing is constantly changing, if one does not follow the bandwagon, you can quickly be overtaken by events and no longer be able to integrate production chains. By following these formations offered by professionals, one receives a more current vision and is able to know exactly what the professional world requires of students and future professionals.

LISAA : What advice for future graphic designers?

There is no secret, you have to work, continue to grow, search, experiment. The graphic designer's job does not end after school, it is constantly evolving.

LISAA : Would you hire LISAA graduates?

Yes, in fact, my two other partners are also LISAA alumni (Lucien Busca - VFX Compositing and Alexandre Treille - 3D). We are regularly present at LISAA in search of young talent for internships or jobs. Most of our employees are former LISAA students.

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