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Maty Ndiaye represents LISAA at Graduate Fashion Week

Once again, this year LISAA Fashion Paris is taking part in London's Graduate Fashion Week. For the 2019 event, third-year bachelor’s Fashion Design/Pattern Making student Maty Ndiaye represents LISAA Paris fashion school with her womenswear collection "Unstable Composition". We met up with her to find out more.

What does "Unstable Composition" mean?

Maty Ndiaye: This expression is taken from three words: "limitless", which I associate with the infinite number of things that one can discover while travelling; "hybrid", because I like to link two totally different ideas when I design; and "attraction" which I associate with open-mindedness. These three words represent my universe and enable me to define my ideas.

What does this collection represent to you?

It's the result of three years of research and consideration, not just of my own desires but also of the future. It is the result of the goals I set for the end of my training at LISAA and the starting point for the creation of my personal brand.

What are your inspirations?

"Unstable composition" is the story of a girl’s process of transformation as she leaves her home country with her dreams to set off for the capital of fashion. She’s a girl who asks herself questions about who she really is and what she can achieve and become. A girl who wants to find her place in the world and express the facets of her personality.

How are these inspirations reflected in your designs?

My main source of inspiration is the ability of humans to adapt to their environment and their ability to reinvent themselves. Each look reveals a certain ambivalence with unexpected volumes and a daring mix of materials.

How do you feel about participating in Graduate Fashion Week?

I am very proud to be a part of it. Knowing that I was chosen from all the beautiful student collections has boosted my confidence. For me, it’s proof that you can do what you want if you really believe in it and you put the work in. It's also a great way to show my mother and those who have always supported me that I will continue to fight for my dreams.

Graduate Fashion Week takes place in London from 2nd to 5th June 2019.

To discover Maty Ndiaye’s collection, click on "See more pictures".

Photos: Marie-Elodie Fallourd.

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