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LISAA Paris Fashion School

Seminar on 2.0 fashion systems and intelligent clothing

LISAA Fashion Paris is hosting a new seminar from the Groupe d’Étude on GEMode Fashion, on 26th April 2016. It will focus on connected clothing as a new interface between the body and its surroundings.


New ways of creating clothing are changing the traditional fashion system. New tools, techniques and technology are leading the way to a multidisciplinary approach, requiring links between various fields. Reflection about technique is becoming essential and academic dressmaking ways are becoming obsolete or are called into questioned by digital.

As such, garments are being reconsidered and equipped with functions that allow for a different relationship between the body and its surroundings—an immaterial and communicative relationship.

Claire Eliot analyses this new fashion through the project analysis and movement Fashiontech, which promotes new technological fashion in several countries.


Fascinated by the way fashion translates social behaviours, Claire Eliot joined the Ecole Duperré where she researched links between the worlds of fashion and new technologies. She then developed technical skills at ENSCI and became familiar with electronics thanks to the hackers who taught her.

Today she calls on both aspects of her career path: fashion and digital. From her knowledge of these two industries – which seem ostensibly to be so opposed – connections were formed, which she brings to the forefront and examines. As part of the “Critical Design” movement, she considers that rather than being a creator, the designer is more of an artist who has a social role to play.


GEMode seminar / CeaQ-Sorbonne

Open to the public / 10 euros / Tuesday 26th April, 5pm-6.30pm

Registration required: gemode[at]

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