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LISAA Paris Fashion School

Seminar on the motivations for becoming a fashion blogger

On Tuesday, October 18th, LISAA Paris School of Fashion will host a seminar of GeMode, group of fashion study. Anne-Flore Maman Larraufie (Director of SemioConsult and Professor at ESSEC) will give a conference called "What motivations to become a fashion blogger?".

A study on potential influencers

The nature of a blog is intrinsically connected to word-of-mouth, and their authors are acknowledged as potential influencers, as credible opinion leaders. They catch stylists’ attention, and are offered front-row seats during the catwalk.

The presentation aims at providing attendants with both theoretical and practical knowledge on the blogosphere, taking as a case for observation the fashion sector. First, the importance of blogs in the fashion system will summarized through the following topics: how do we define a blog; how authenticity is a key driver for readers of blogs; the place blogs now occupy in the fashion world; how fashion brands do reuse blogs for business and marketing purposes; what is the state of theoretical knowledge on fashion bloggers. The findings of an original study conducted in-between January and June 2014 will be presented, aiming at deciphering the hidden motivations for fashion bloggers to engage in their blogging activity. Some managerial takeaway will conclude.

Practical Information

GEMode seminar / CeaQ-Sorbonne

Open to the public / 10 euros / Tuesday 18th October, 5pm-6.30pm

Registration required: gemode[at]

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