Foundation Year Courses Introductory course in applied arts / design Foundation year (1 year) Bordeaux in French


The Foundation year (MANAA) takes place over one year. It allows each student to forge solid artistic bases that will be essential throughout their career as a designer.


Students registered for the start of 2019 school year will join directly the first year of bachelor, in Graphic Design, Interior Architecture & Design or in Video Game. The first year of bachelor teaches students the fundamentals of applied arts techniques and get into the chosen speciality.


  • To reveal the creativity of each student through the learning of fundamental techniques: drawing, colour, composition, volume, perspective and graphic design.
  • To raise students’ awareness of artistic culture in order to bring them the curiosity and open-mindedness required for a qualitative and enduring education.
  • To allow the student to find their place amongst the different design professions and therefore prepare and choose, in complete confidence, which specialisation to follow.


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General courses
  • 01. Human Sciences and Methods of Communication
  • 02. Mathematics & Applied Sciences
  • 03. Foreign Modern Language
  • 04. Project Supervision & Methodology
Fundamental artistic courses
  • 05. Artistic Expression / Drawing
  • 06. Artistic Expression / Life drawing
  • 07. Artistic Expression / Colour - Volume
  • 08. Arts, Techniques, Civilisations
  • 09. Semiology
Applied arts courses
  • 10. Case Study
  • 11. Computer Graphics
  • 12. In-depth Workshop/Fashion
  • 13. In-depth Workshop/Design
  • 14. In-depth Workshop/Graphic Design – Illustration
  • 15. Conventional Means of Representation
  • 16. Creative Process

Teaching Staff


  • Romain Auberger
    Romain Auberger

    Director of Studies - LISAA Bordeaux

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  • Chloé Sagnol
    Chloé Sagnol

    Head of Studies - Foundation year

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Entry Requirements & Application

Admission is subject to both the presentation of a file and an oral interview. The interview allows a discussion about the candidate's background and ambitions. The objective is to to gauge his motivation and the potential of his or her academic profile to suit the specificities of a profession in the design sector.


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