Foundation Year Courses Foundation year in Architecture & Scenography Preparatory class for schools of architecture (1 year) Paris in French


A key moment for future course choice, the foundation year enables students to best prepare for their subsequent studies through discovering the reality of design professions, acquiring the fundamentals through the practice of representation techniques and preparing for national architecture schools.

This course also enables students to assert themselves by stimulating their creative senses, structuring their reflection by developing a process for applied projects, experimenting with the whole range of techniques and, in particular, the FabLab and new digital technology. Although it is specialised, this first year broaches a large range of techniques and applications of different fields in design.

Students on the architecture foundation course prepare to continue their studies on a degree course, a level II Interior Architecture/Designer qualification registered on the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP), or to take the competitive exam for the French national architecture schools.

This foundation course is offered in French or in English.


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Representation techniques
  • 01. Observational drawing
    3 hrs
  • 02. Life drawing
    3 hrs
  • 03. Outdoor drawing / Perspective
    1,5 hrs
  • 04. Creativity / Colour
    3 hrs
  • 05. Methodology
    2 hrs
  • 06. Computer Graphics / Visual Communication
    3 hrs
Artistic Culture
  • 07. History of Art
    2,5 hrs
  • 08. English
    1 hr
Specialised Studios
  • 09. Architecture workshop
    3 hrs
  • 10. Design workshop
    3 hrs
  • 11. Scenography workshop
    3 hrs

Teaching Staff


Entry Requirements & Application

Admission is subject to both the presentation of a file and an oral interview. The interview allows a discussion about the candidate's background and ambitions. The objective is to to gauge his motivation and the potential of his or her academic profile to suit the specificities of a profession in the design sector.


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