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LISAA Archi d'intérieur & Design x CEEBIOS: a partnership on biomimetic innovations

The students of LISAA Architecture d'intérieur et design Paris have once again worked in partnership with the Centre Européen d'Excellence en Biomimétisme et Innovation (CEEBIOS). This new collaboration enabled the students to study and understand the principles of biomimicry with a view to solving concrete problems. The students were able to present their creative projects, inspired by living things, to a panel of professionals. Read more about this partnership.

Biomimétisme LISAA Archi

Increase your capacity to innovate

"Biomimicry represents an extraordinary opportunity for environmentally aware innovation : drawing inspiration from the living world and taking advantage of the solutions and inventions it produces, proven by 3.8 billion years of evolution".

For this new partnership with CEEBIOS, a major player in biomimicry, LISAA Architecture d'intérieur et design Paris students have developed ambitious projects that combine human ingenuity with nature. Throughout the project, the students benefited from the guidance of their teachers and an expert from CEEBIOS. Their advice, weekly monitoring and feedback were essential in guiding the students towards concrete, innovative solutions.

A project inspired by living things

Among the participating students, Ariane Laurent, in her 1st year of the Interior Architecture & Global Design Master's degree, came out on top with an ambitious project focusing on water management in agriculture during hot periods. Her project consists of an innovative net that functions as a thermal barrier: it manages to stock moisture while withstanding extreme weather conditions. The poles that support the net are inspired by the agave to collect water from mist and rain, redirecting it towards the inside of the pole.

LISAA Interior Architecture and Design : a platform for innovation

This partnership between LISAA Architecture and Ceebios illustrates the extent to which higher education can be a driving force for innovation and the search for practical solutions. The students' creative projects demonstrate the importance of merging human creativity with natural models to meet contemporary challenges.

The commitment of LISAA Architecture and Interior Design students to this partnership with Ceebios is testament to their determination to shape a more sustainable future through biomimetic architecture.

Eco-design, a key teaching focus

For several years now, LISAA Interior Architecture & Design has been involved across the board in eco-design, sustainable development and biomimicry. This is an important issue that raises students' awareness of environmental issues and teaches them to create using a bio-inspired approach.  

"Ecodesign is a major focus of our teaching", says Emmanuelle Torck, Director of the Paris-based school. As she explains, "designers have a responsibility to design the new objects that appear on our planet, which must therefore have a reason to exist, they must be sustainable. Designers are responsible for what they produce".

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