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Mastere Artistic Direction & Fashion Tech

Sandwich course and Traditional course
Eligible for:
Output level:
Bac +5
September 2024

The purpose of this Master in Artistic Direction and Fashion Tech is to prepare today designers for the fashion world of tomorrow.

Designers will have to fully master the various digital tools, such as 3D, AI and VAR, express their creativity and build their collection in this new environment.

Thanks to a combination of practical learning, collaborative workshops and agile projects, you will be able to build your expertise and develop your creative skills.

The program is taught in English at Lisaa Mode Paris, one of the leading French Fashion schools. The second year is open to work-study scheme. At the end of the 2 years, you will gain a School diploma and French government recognized degree.


At the end of this course, you will gain fundamental skills that will help you to express your creativity in new ways and future-proof your career in fashion. You will be able to : 

  • Strengthen your knowledge base to better master new design tools, including cutting-edge digital softwares  
  • Strengthen your technical skills to better respond to the transformations brought about by digital tools and Gen AI 
  • Develop an innovative, sustainable and documented fashion design projects and collections;
  • Be able to develop a comprehensive brand vision, including staging, communication and augmented retail
  • Develop collaborative working using new ideation and management methods
  • Lead a problematisation and ideation process based on an analysis of customer needs
  • Design a transformation and/or innovation project
  • Design and implement an internal/external communication strategy
  • Manage an innovation and/or transformation project through to the final delivery phase
  • Managing a project team, a technical department and/or a cross-functional team


At the end of the 2-year program, you will receive a double diploma: a Mastère in Artistic Direction and Fashion Tech from Lisaa Mode Paris, as well as a French Government recognized certification, the RNCP Professional Certification of Expert in Digital Strategy - ECAD CONSULTANTS - Level 7, registered with the RNCP under number 36287 by decision of the Director General of France Compétence dated 25 March 2022.


Have you already obtained a RNCP qualification at a similar level and in a similar speciality elsewhere and are you interested in our programme? You can ask us for full or partial equivalence. 

If you have received and higher education degree from a non-French school, academy or university, and are interested by the program, please contact us.

Requests should be made via the contact page.

Possible admission in 2nd year if a first year of a similar Master’s programme has been validated in another establishment, subject to validation by the academic supervisor.

  • As a leading fashion school in Paris, LISAA Mode Paris welcomes you to brand new premises in the Latin Quarter, at the heart of the city. The school is welcoming students from all over the world with the full staff proficient in English and dedicated to supporting foreign new comers.
  • LISAA Mode offers you state of the art facilities : 4 pattern-making rooms, a knitwear workshop, an accessories workshop, a FabLab (laser cutting, plotter, sublimation printer, 3D printer), a screen-printing workshop, a photo and video studio, a computer graphics lab, etc. + as well as advanced softwares (Adobe full package, clo 3D, blender, unreal, dedicated fashion Gen AI tools)
  • Through, staff, teachers, alumni and partners, Lisaa Mode Paris is deeply connected to the French Fashion Industry. Throughout your course, you will have the opportunity to interact with some of the major figures in the sector, at conferences, collaborations and visits to workshops, factories, showrooms and trade fairs. Our experts are designers, brand managers, branding consultants, craftsmen, fashion designers, tech entrerpeneurs, incubators, etc.
  • LISAA is a fashion school recognised by the French Ministry of Culture.
  • LISAA is a fashion school recognised by professionals in the fashion and luxury sector : LISAA is one of the top 10 favourite fashion schools according to L'Étudiant (L'Étudiant 2018).
  • LISAA Mode offers you top-of-the-range facilities: 3 pattern-making rooms, a knitwear workshop, an accessories workshop, a FabLab (laser cutting, plotter), a screen-printing workshop, a photo and video studio, a computer graphics lab, etc.
  • Throughout this fashion design course, you will be individually supervised by a tutor as you develop your project

The content of the Master Art Direction & Fashion Tech

2-year course (4 semesters) with the following provisional number of teaching hours: 

  • 1rst year: 520 hours 
  • 2nd year: 455 hours 

A total of 975 hours over the 2 years.  

Other training-related events (conferences, speed recruiting, professional events related to the fashion sector) are organised throughout the year in addition to the above training hours.

Culture & innovations : 60 hours

  • Culture, Art and Fashion History (level 1)
  • Innovation in Fashion (through the ages): Understand the impact of technology, innovation, and digital on fashion and lifestyle
  • Analysis of the contemporary Fashion system (in terms of Marketing, Communication & Culture)
  • Metaverse and Digital Fashion (including Blockchain understanding)

Contemporary fashion design : 210 hours

  • AI and Artistic direction (methodology on how to use a revolutionary research & design support tool)
  • Fundamentals of eco-design (theoretical & practical)
  • Product design using 3D
  • NFT & Augmented reality (design & experience)
  • Game Fashion design (collaborative project in partnership)
  • Introduction to manufacturing and innovation (visits & lectures)

Digital marketing level 1 : 50 hours

  • Trends, from “couture” to TikTok
  • Fashion & Lifestyle brand building in the digital age (level 1)
  • New consumer behaviors and customer journeys

Personal & professional development : 50 hours

  • Design Thinking and creativity enhancement
  • Collaborative working tools
  • Building a holistic portfolio
  • Job searching preparation

Booster courses : 60 hours

  • One course to be chosen, depending on previous background
  • Clo 3D software intensive training
  • Advanced Pattern Making
  • Illustration and Fashion Drawing: By hand + Pro Create + Illustrator

Specialization modules : 90 hours

One module to be chosen, to be continued over the two years of the master's degree

  • Technical
  • wear
  • Knitwear
  • Fashion Accessories

Art & fashion culture

  • Art and Fashion History (level 2)
  • Trendbook & Bibliography (linked to the personal project)

Innovative fashion design

  • Eco-design Level 2 (Fashion sustainable transformation)
  • Hybrid group project (using physical and digital creative techniques)
  • Personal innovative fashion project (project monitoring in fashion design, pattern making, textile design, visual identity)

Digital marketing level 2

  • Digital and social communication: the rules of the game
  • Fundamentals of fashion business (including new business models)
  • Marketing & Communication strategy applied (personal project monitoring)

Personal & professional development

  • Design Thinking (level 2)
  • Collaborative working tools (level 2)
  • Methodology of writing thesis
  • Thesis: Research, Development and Writing (tutoring)
  • Masterclasses on specific fashion, technology and social thematics

Specialization modules

  • Following the 1st year specialization program
  • Technical wear
  • Knitwear
  • Fashion Accessories
Thomas Bucaille
Director of LISAA Fashion
Emmanuelle Bresson
Head of Studies - Fashion Business Course
Karel Mills
Educational coordinator - Fashion Design course
Isabelle Laurent
Head of Studies - E-learning master's
Raphaëlle Chauvin
Head of Digital Learning - Fashion
Hugo Jeannette
Technical instructor model making
Sandra Rapin
Workshops manager
Audrey Knuchel
Head of Studies
Ludovic Lassanadio
Head of Public Relations
Coline Bricot
Admissions & Corporate Relations
Sabrina Sevin
Admissions & Corporate Relations
Annick Adekoya
Pedagogical assistant
Marina Milenkovic
Pedagogical assistant
Fanny Ragaru
Administrative & financial Assistant

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