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New Living Wood competition 2019: won by a designer from LISAA Interior Architecture & Design Paris

Until 18th December, five designers from LISAA Interior Architecture & Design Paris will be exhibiting their projects around the theme of "Wood, Light, Sound" at the Le French Design by VIA gallery. These creations are made as part of the New Living Wood competition, in which LISAA has participated for several years.

Concours New Living Wood 2019 : un designer de LISAA Architecture d’intérieur & Design Paris lauréat

Creations around the theme of "Wood, Light, Sound"

Once again this year, LISAA Interior Architecture & Design students had the opportunity to participate in the New Living Wood competition. Having begun in 2016, the competition aims to promote the potential of wood as a material for young designers.

This year, students worked on the theme of "Wood, Light, Sound". The aim was to work on the issues of acoustics and luminosity of wooden constructions and fittings. These two components were to be the subject of a real building and interior design project, at the service of the user’s comfort.

An exhibition at the Le French Design by VIA gallery

This year, five projects were selected by the judges. These will be on display until 18th December at Le French Design by VIA gallery in Paris.

  • "Oreilles" designed by Fanny Dalli
  • "One by One" designed by Yizhi Chen
  • "La parole du bois" designed by Rose Grison-Sterenfeld
  • "Invisible Barrier" designed by Nitha Shivapuram
  • "Les sons indisciplinés" designed by Florian Stechenko

An award-winning LISAA project

On 4th December, four creations were rewarded for their creativity, their feasibility and their consideration of the theme’s criteria, namely: tackling the technical but also psycho-sensory notions of sound and/or light adapted to the material of wood.

Among them was the project “Les sons indisciplinés” designed by Florien Stechenko. This LISAA Interior Architecture & Design Paris student designed a project around a gym and the sound it produces:

"The first chapter of my project, to understand these sounds and make them accepted, is a formal work linking what we hear with what we see. We had to go through several phases of creative, graphic and mathematical research to obtain forms born from unruly sounds. The second chapter of my project works on the material to obtain a new composite combining cork and recycled textile fibre. These two materials have excellent absorption capacities, for bass and treble equally. It is with these two chapters that my project opens: acoustic panels make sense with the activity taking place below, particularly through the possibility of a rotary movement, thus bringing the acoustic panel to the scale of furniture—mobile and scalable."

The New Living Wood competition

For four years, four schools, including LISAA Interior Architecture & Design Paris, have encouraged their students to participate in this competition supported financially by the Professional Committee for the Development of French Furniture and Wood Industries and orchestrated by VIA (Valorisation de l’Innovation dans l’Ameublement).

Each year, several projects are selected and exhibited at the Le French Design by VIA gallery, located in the heart of Paris, in the 11th arrondissement. An opportunity for young designers to assert their talent and benefit from excellent exposure. 

Useful information

Discover the projects designed by LISAA students until 18th December, 2019:
Free entry, from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Le French Design Gallery by VIA
120, avenue Ledru-Rollin, Paris 11

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