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Automne and Dans la Lune short-listed at the Kraken Con Animation Festival, USA

Automne and Dans la Lune, 2-D and 3-D animation films created by fourth and third year animation students at LISAA respectively, were selected to take part in the American festival Kraken Con. The two films will be screened between 18th to 20th November in Oakland, California.


    • Automne – 3-D animated film – 4th year

Automne is a 3-D animated film, created by fourth year students at LISAA Paris. It tells the story of the creation of the seasons.

The film was made by Yann Austin (modelling, compositing), Marie Briand (rig, 3-D animation), Cécile Fauchie (concept art, modelling), Louise Flatz (concept art, layout), Hélène Letourneur (visual development, texturing) and Marina Saunier (CG animation).

    • Dans la lune - 2-D animated film – 3rd year

Dans la Lune is a 2-D animated film, created by third year students at LISAA Paris. It tells the story of Olive, granddaughter of Ernest, who tries to enter into the memories of her grandfather, who is gradually losing his memory.

The film was made by Jimmy Betry (concept art, background), Claire Letord (concept art), Yingxue Li (animation), Hugo Louiset (animation), Colombine Majou (character design, story-board), Léa Pietrzyk (animation), Marie de Ségogne (concept art, compositing) and Antoine Testu (animation).


Kraken Con is an animation festival based in Oakland, California. It presents animations and cartoons that focus on fantasy, imagination and the creative process. Its goal is to ensure attendees have an enjoyable experience via the screening of work, cool guests and fun events.

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