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LISAA Paris Fashion School

Designer collection showrooms for 2019 graduates

LISAA fashion students will present their graduation projects in front of professionals on Thursday 20th June at the 28th floor of the Montparnasse tower. These designer collection showrooms are an opportunity for fashion professionals to discover young talents and evaluate their projects.

An exhibition of end-of studies projects

Freshly graduated students from Fashion design / Pattern making, Fashion design / Textile design and Fashion Design / Fashion Business courses at LISAA Paris exhibit their end-of-studies projects on Thursday 20th June at the Montparnasse tower. These collections gather about 6 silhouettes, on a personal theme for each student. These collections will appear on the catwalk at the fashion show on 25th June.

A professional jury

These end-of-studies showrooms showcase the designer collections by 2019 graduates, which have all been evaluated and approved by a judging panel of fashion industry professionals. These professional judging panels are an opportunity for recruiters to come and discover future talents.

2018 collections photos: Marie-Elodie Fallourd

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