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Climate plan: students imagine Paris in 2050

As part of a collaboration with City Hall and the citizens’ climate collective (CoCiClimat) of Paris’s 10th arrondissement, LISAA Animation & Video Games students were asked to imagine the future of Paris.

Creating visionary characters and environments

Thanks to a collaboration with the City Hall of Paris’s 10th arrondissement and the citizens’ climate collective, as part of the Climate Plan, students of the international class of the Animation 2-D/3-D bachelor’s course had the opportunity to do their bit.

The CoCiClimat of the 10th arrondissement asked LISAA Animation & Video Games students to reflect on the theme of "Paris 2050". During their Visual Design classes, students created characters and environments that matched their vision of what the capital could be like in 30 years in the face of climate issues.

These works, presented by the students, offer the public ideas for housing, transport, urban planning and energy, which will be useful for the upcoming workshops organised by CoCiClimat in Paris’s 10th arrondissement.

An exhibition and a new space for thinking and taking action on climate issues

The students’ work will be exhibited from 26th April 2019 at La Base—a 700m² space which is the new headquarters for public climate action, located at 31 rue Bichat.

La Base aims to bring climate advocates together around a project to fight against climate change and build a resilient neighbourhood in the face of these issues.

Discover the students' projects at the exhibition opening on Friday 26th April at 6:30pm.

For a preview of some of the projects, go to the "See more photos" gallery at the top of the article! (Projects by Johny Akila, Carla Dalle Mura, Zhang Xiaoyun, Agnus Raphael, Ana Kvirikashvili, Jean-Malo Sourisse, Rukmini Sinha and Tiphane Metzvinez)

A second exhibition is planned from 24th May at the town hall of the 10th arrondissement (72, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin).

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