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Dinner time! A series of conferences on eating practices

As part of its multidisciplinary design workshop, “Dinner time!”, LISAA is organizing a series of conferences on the theme of cooking, food customs and eating practices, from 16th-20th November 2015 (open to the public).


The idea behind these conferences is to intersect ideas and question cooking practices.

Chefs, experts in sensory analysis, consumer sociology, marketing and innovation, company directors, farmers, philosopher, ethnologists and anthropologists: everyone is welcome at the experts’ table!


Following the series of conferences, a multidisciplinary design workshop will be organised in all of LISAA’s schools in Rennes, Paris, Nantes and Strasbourg from 23rd-27th November. It will involve the 2200 students that make up LISAA and will be the occasion to dissect the practice of eating with the designer’s scalpel.

"Questioning food in its artistic dimensions, deconstructing food customs and imagining creative scenarios – these will be the project themes for the budding designers."

Sonia Lecomte, director of LISAA Rennes and project manager of the “Dinner Time!” workshop

From this group reflection and work, innovative concepts, design projects, editorial, educational and audiovisual productions will be born. These will be presented in a fanzine produced by the students. Make sure you stay tuned!


LISAA Paris Interior Architecture & Design
8 square Henri Delormel 75014 Paris
+33 (0)1 45 43 02 02

  • "Green architecture & Blue design", Cyprien Deryng, Interior Architect - Monday 16th November at 5pm
  • "Molecular Gastronomy", Bruno Viala, Chef, Author and Culinary Consultant - Thursday 19th November at 6pm -

LISAA Paris Fashion
13 rue Vauquelin 75005 Paris
+33 (0)1 47 07 17 07

  • "Haute Couture, Haute Pâtisserie?", Irina Kratz Monday 16th November at 6.30pm
  • "Fricote, a Key Magazine on Food Culture", William Roden, Art Director of the magazine Fricote - Wednesday 18th November at 5pm
  • "Managing Via the Kitchen", Sylvie Cavalier, Director of Coach and Cook - Friday 20th November at 2pm
  • "Food Styling and the Fusion of Three Avenues: Art History, Fashion and Cooking” Eve Cardi, Food Stylist- Friday 20th November at 2pm

LISAA Paris Animation & Video Games
7 rue Armand Moisant 75015 Paris
+33 (0)1 71 39 88 00

  • "Green architecture & Blue design", Cyprien Deryng, Interior Architect - Thursday 19th November at 6pm
  • "The Colour of Food", Philippe Fagot, Author and Consultant - Wednesday 18th November at 5pm

LISAA Nantes
13 rue Baron 44000 Nantes
+33 (0)2 40 20 30 50

  • "Food and ITC", Yassir Yeba, Anthropologist - Tuesday 17th November at 5.30pm
  • "Secret Dinners and Unique Tables", Richard Baussay – The Journey to Nantes -Wednesday 18th November at 5.30pm
  • "Strategic and Operational Design: the Example of Agribusiness”, Nicolas Priou Designer Lab 61 and Contemporary Culinary Centre of Rennes, Thursday 19th November at 5.30pm

LISAA Rennes
13 rue Poullain-Duparc 35000 Rennes
+33 (0)2 99 79 23 79

LISAA Strasbourg
1A rue Thiergarten 67000 Strasbourg
+33 (0)3 88 22 44 22


Coinciding with COP21 and the Universal Expositon in Milan, Feeding the Planet, the subject of food never ceases to be relevant. It is in this topical context that the students will apply their projects.


Conference series as part of the design workshop “Dinner Time!”
From 16th – 20th November 2015
Free Entrance
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LISAA Nantes
13 rue Baron
+33 (0)2 40 20 30 50