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Drop Tale – the Video Game Success on Playstore!

Six LISAA students, who graduated in 2016 from the 2-D Video Games course, have created a fast and fun puzzle game, which can be downloaded on the Android platform, PlayStore. A real success which has already been downloaded more than 8500 time!

Metamorphose and turn into a water droplet!

"In a marvellous kingdom, an old alchemist creates a drop of water that knows how to change states. He is imprisoned by the king for this discovery. Taking on the role of the water droplet, the player goes on a mission to find him." This is this pitch of the video game Drop Tale, created by six students who graduated in 2016 from the 2-D Video Game course at LISAA Paris.

Drop Tale is a 2-D isometric viewpoint videogame with two main mechanisms: movement launched by a slider on the screen, and transformation—into a cloud of vapour, or an ice cube—which is accessible when you press the screen. The game is made up of thirteen levels.

A 2-D puzzle game to try out without delay

Divya Higelin, Samantha Fardilha, Mathias Fekete, Florian Chastres, Romane Rakotovao and Guillaume Party created Drop Tale as part of their end of studies project. Designed for smartphones, tablets and PCs, this puzzle game required the use of specialist software programmes Unity (Uni2D, Shader Forge, Ultimate Isometric ToolKit), Photoshop, Flash and After Effects.

The gameplay is easy but not too much so—it’s pretty well balanced. Bring out a sequel!

A Drop Tale player on PlayStore

After more than 1000 downloads and 115 reviews posted on PlayStore, the first comments are unanimous: "Better than a pro game", "The game that makes you want to adopt a drop of water", "[…] for it’s scenography, it’s also aesthetically very pretty and cute. The gameplay is easy but not too much so—it’s pretty well balanced. Bring out a sequel!"

Go and try out Drop Tale on Playstore now!

Behind the scenes:

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