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Graphic Design
LISAA Rennes

Exhibition celebrating the partnership between LISAA Rennes x Festival Urbaines

A few days before the opening of the 4th annual edition of the Urban Culture, Practices and Trends Festival, taking place from March 4th to 16th, an exhibition, "The rejected lounge", is organized at LISAA Rennes, Friday, February 22, 2013. This exhibition will explore the different faces of the Urban landscape through amazing projects made by the students from Rennes LISAA over the past four years.

A graphic identity carried out by two students from LISAA Rennes

For the fourth and last year, the visual identity of the Urban festival was made by students in their final year of the graphic design program at LISAA Rennes. Through their vision, the idea of Anthony Martinon & David Loy was to stage an urban space illustrating the concept of recovery, specific to different urban practices, investing successively in urban space and overlapping them - some indefinitely.

It also allows to realize to what extent the different disciplines of urban practices (graffiti, yard bombing, collage, street art) are changing the perception of the space around us.

The video was produced in an abandoned complex at La Courrouze, which held an important place in different urban practices (including graffiti in particular). This area, now undergoing redevelopment will welcome elsewhere in the near future the new Antipode headquarters.

Along with an urban or artistic practice, this visual immediately looks through several principles: sharp contrast, a double level of reading and an explicit reference to urban space.

The poster's visual comes from a comprehensive approach regarding the movement and evolution. The wall is progressively covered up invading the space, even encompassing the spectator, including him in the investment approach of urban space.

The gradual arrival of red paint, which contrasts sharply with the urban space of origin, is also a metaphor of the red curtain, which is closed after four years of collaboration with LISAA students.

120 projects completed in 4 years

More than 240 students invested their time to complete 120 projects. This exhibition is the occation to share the richness and the dynamism of this 4 year collaboration.

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Bachelor Graphic Design
During this course students learn to define a visual communications strategy, to master different means of expression and to use them on various supports: print, packaging and interactive media.
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