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Fashion lessons by fashion designer Stevie Boi at LISAA

At the beginning of November, American designer Stevie Boi came to LISAA School of Fashion in Paris to share his experience with first-year students. It was an opportunity to explore his career, what he has learnt about fashion and his perspective on current issues in the industry. A presentation that was hugely appreciated by the young designers.

Advice for young designers

On 5th December, LISAA School of Fashion Paris welcomed Stevie Boi, the American designer known for his glasses worn by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Madonna, Elton John and Beyoncé.

In front of an audience of first-year students in Fashion Design/Pattern Making, Textile Design and Fashion Design & Business, Stevie Boi talked about his career, his experience in the fashion industry and his point of view on current issues, including business, notoriety, the use of social media and training.

You must have character! People won’t buy your designs if you’re not personal.

Stevie Boi, fashion designer

His advice to the young designers at LISAA? Be daring, think outside the box, be bold and, above all, have character! The students were delighted with this exchange filled with lessons on the fashion industry and the creation of a brand with an approachable and relevant designer.

An atypical approach

Stevie Boi is a self-taught designer who spent most of his childhood in Europe. He explained to the students that he would undoubtedly have been better equipped if he had undertaken an education in fashion.

At the root of his success are the glasses that he customised and wore when going out clubbing. One night, a star borrowed them and took a selfie wearing them. The buzz that resulted was instant. By the time Stevie got home, he had received hundreds of orders and had to temporarily shut down his website to focus on production. And this is how he was projected into the business of fashion.

Today he still designs glasses under the brand name SBShades as well as clothing collections in collaboration with brands.

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