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Inventing the co-working space of the future with Klaxoon

Fifth-year interior design and service design students at Rennes are preparing to design an innovative co-working space with the help of the company Klaxoon, which makes tools to encourage teamwork.


The aim: to take over an old brewery in Rennes in order to be able to welcome, by 2025, up to 300 people in a co-working space able to function 24 hours a day.

This is the ambitious project for which the Klaxoon company in Rennes is supporting fifth-year students in interior design, global design and service design at LISAA Rennes.

As both a living and working space, it encourage well-being at work, whether for people present on a daily basis, visiting employees or even people living in the neighbourhood.

In addition to optimal working conditions, this space should offer a solution for short- or medium-term accommodation, with eating and washing facilities, as well as services to encourage mobility (e.g. car park, public transport).

Well-being and innovation must be at the heart of this project combining global design and service design. Students are required to use their skills in interior architecture, design, graphics, packaging and communication.


In order to better understand Klaxoon and to be inspired by its values, students were invited in early October to meet the teams and visit the company’s current premises.

This was an opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in the working atmosphere and philosophy of a company that strives to put people at the heart of its workplace.

Klaxoon is a company based in Rennes with an office in New York. It includes a platform and digital tools that aim to promote teamwork, in particular by improving the time efficiency of meetings. It currently employees 170 people and is recognised as one of the "great places to work" in 2018.

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