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Interior architect

Job profile

The interior architect creates and organizes interior spaces that are both practical, attractive, and pleasant. As a design professional, they use various elements like dimensions, lighting, furniture, and materials to rethink the space. Part of the interior architect's job is to take into consideration the technical and financial constraints for the realization of the project.

Interior Architect: The Summary

Similar name: Interior Space Designer

Level of education: Bachelor's degree +5 years

Employability: good

Starting salary: 1,800 euros gross

Experienced salary: 2,700 euros gross

What is an interior architect?

An interior architect is an expert dedicated to decorating, renovating, creating, and organizing various interior spaces. They work on projects for residences, apartments, offices, shops, or public places. Their work involves the skillful manipulation of volumes, light, colors, furniture styles, and materials. Their role is to propose clever, functional, and innovative solutions.

What education is needed to become an interior architect?

The job of an assistant designer or architect's collaborator is accessible with a 2-year post-secondary diploma. To practice as an interior architect, 5 years of study are necessary after high school.

Bachelor's degree +5 years:

What are the duties of an interior architect?

Interior architects are key players in transforming interior spaces. With a combination of design skills, technical knowledge, and project management, they take on various missions to realize their clients' visions and create unique environments.

Design and layout of the space

The interior architect designs and arranges interior spaces in harmony with the needs, tastes, and constraints of clients. Starting from the ideas and aspirations of clients, they use their training in design and architecture as well as their experience to develop creative and functional concepts. They create a plan, a graphical representation, and a model to visualize the project and collaborate with the client.

Whether it's for an apartment in Paris, a single-family home, or a commercial space, this architecture professional employs their artistic and technical skills to bring projects to life.

Project management and coordination of work

Another crucial mission of the interior architect is to manage the project as a whole. They coordinate the different stages of the construction site, collaborate with building professionals, and supervise the execution of the work. They are responsible for planning, budget tracking, and adherence to set deadlines.

They work closely with specialized companies, craftsmen, and material suppliers to ensure that the work is carried out according to the project's requirements.

Selection of materials and decoration

The interior architect also plays a key role in selecting materials, finishes, and decorations for the space. As a true decorator, they integrate elements appropriately into the overall design of the project. Whether it's for floor coverings, color choices, lighting, or furniture, they guide their clients in their decisions. Their mission is to respect their opinions and preferences based on their budget and the harmony of the space.

What qualities are needed to become an interior architect?

Interior architecture is a fascinating field that combines both artistic creativity and technical representation skills. An interior architect is a highly qualified professional who must possess essential qualities.

Creativity and design sense

One of the distinctive traits of an interior architect is their ability to express their creativity. Whether it's for a complete renovation or the decoration of an existing space, this professional must be able to capture the client's vision and transform it into a concrete and harmonious project. With a keen sense of design, they create atmospheres that reflect the personality and specific needs of each client while taking their opinions into account.

Technical skills and knowledge of materials

In addition to creativity, the interior architect must master graphical representation techniques. They must be able to


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