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LISAA Nantes

LISAA Nantes students present a fashion show at the Korean Spring Festival

For the 3rd annual Korean Spring festival in Nantes, students presented their fashion silhouettes in front of an audience of spectators on the Graslin Theatre square.

Printemps coréen LISAA Nantes

Korea, the muse

Students from the Applied Arts (MANAA) program and the BTSFashion and textile designat LISAA Nantes, created this fashion show inspired by Koreas culture and landscapes.

A musical fashion show

E'Joung-Ju geomungo, a traditional Korean stringed instrument musician, was accompanied by four percussionists, masters of of the Samulnori JinSeo Group: Bok Man Kim - kkwaenggwari musician, small gong, Kil Ki Ok - musician Jing Eng, large gong, Kyoung Kim Su - janggu musician, hourglass drum, Gu Yun Lee - buk musician, bass drum drum.

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Formations liées au projet
Bachelor Fashion Design / Pattern Making
On this course, students will create garment and accessory designs, devise ready-to-wear and “designer” collections, and present them at catwalk shows and show rooms, in front of professionals.
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Bachelor Fashion Design / Textile Design
This course prepares students to become specialists in textile design. They will learn how to create colour and fabric ranges from their research and will create textile design collections.
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