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LISAA Students take part in the 11th edition of Jardins Jardin

Third year students in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at LISAA Paris are taking part in the 11th edition of Jardins Jardin at the Tuileries Garden from the 6th-9th June, 2014. They are exhibiting 11 projects on the theme of “Furry Balconies and Feathered Terraces” in the space dedicated to design and schools.

A Theme Linked to the Animal Kingdom

This year, architecture and environmental design teachers Assia Quétin and Bruno Tainturier have chosen a theme that is often at odds with urban life: the animal kingdom. The aim: provide users with a private urban garden and poetic, fun and practical objects in relation to the animals that we love and hate in equal measures.

Beyond the comical aspect of its name, the theme of “Furry Balconies and Feathered Terraces” incites an in-depth reflection on the place of man in relation to animals, whether they are tame or wild or even hostile. It also calls into question the very nature of animals. Does a tame animal still possess wild instincts that need to be fulfilled? Furthermore, could it be said that animals that have been kept from their natural habitat for a long time have their place with humans?

Projects in Partnership with an Agency

These projects were made in collaboration with Balcoon, a landscaping agency working on apartment terraces and balconies. These professionals led the students over several weeks from the point of departure to the creation of their project.

You can discover these projects and their designers from 5th June in the space dedicated to schools in the Tuileries Garden.

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