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Miracle Run, Pandazor's endless runner video game with Ambrose Hennebelle // LISAA Alumni

Ambroise Hennebelle, 2012 graduate in 2-D/3-D video games from LISAA Paris, is a partner at Pandazor. In April 2018, he and his team released Miracle Run, an endless runner game with colourful graphics. The first update is planned to be released soon.


Ambroise Hennelle, who graduated from the 2-D/3-D video game course at LISAA Paris in 2012, began his career at Oh Bibi where he worked on Monster and Commander. He left the company in 2015 to join Olivier Philbert, a former colleague at Oh Bibi, who asked him to work on a project developing one of his former games in order to improve it, particularly from a graphics perspective.

Miracle Run is an endless runner game. Rather than interacting with a character, the player interacts with their surroundings. They have a guardian-angel role in relation to the character, who moves faster and faster, and have to protect him from danger.

"Olivier's project was quite ambitious and as I was not interested solely in graphics, I went through every single aspect of the game, including game design and development," says Ambroise.

"I wanted something new after almost two years in a company. Pandazor is a small organisation that gives us a lot of freedom, including the freedom to make mistakes, which is important for developing professionally and creatively. I am able to do what interests me here: learning, getting involved in everything, having a voice, working with trust within a small team, exploring, developing..."


"Throughout the game’s production, we worked with a number of collaborators, particularly LISAA graduates — Bertrand Tournier for the sets and Gaëlle Wlodarczyk who produced the illustrations for the trailer," says Ambroise.

Having worked meticulously on the project since February 2016, the game will finally be released in early April 2018 on iOS and Android platforms for mobile and tablet.

Pandazor, the production company behind Miracle Run, continues to work on the game. The first update will be available soon, bringing some bug fixes and, above all, new content and new features. Their next aim is to release of a second game, which will be a way for commuters stuck in traffic jams to let off steam.

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