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Ping Awards: A LISAA video game receives the Public Choice Prize

The prestigious Ping Awards ceremony has been rewarding video games professionals for seven years. This year, Skeleton Tale, made by students at the Paris School of Animation and Video Games, is in the running.

Skeleton Tale wins Public Choice Award

This Saturday, 26th October, Skeleton Tale won the Public Choice Award during the presentation of student games at the Cité des Sciences in Paris.

Selected at the Ping Awards, the LISAA Animation & Video Games Paris team presented the game to the public, who were also able to try it out.

At the end of the day, the testers were asked to vote for their favourite and the LISAA video game was the one that stood out. Congratulations!

LISAA honoured at the Ping Awards

For seven years now, the Ping Awards have been turning the spotlight on artists in digital creation: "The Ping Awards are an opportunity to highlight the cultural, technical and artistic qualities and innovations of the those who make up the video games industry in France."

This year, 65 student games were in the "Ping Awards student" category of the competition. Of these, only 10 were selected by the jury made up of journalists and video games professionals. They are in the running for the Ping award for the best screenplay, the Ping for the best soundtrack, the Ping for the best graphics and, finally, the Ping for the best student game.

Among these were: Skeleton Tale, directed by Corentin Gall, Laurent Bial, Margaux Monjoly, Ingrid Leon, Mélissa Jacques, Victor Cheviron, Bastien Jatteau, Michael Deconche, Yanis Bottet, Jiani Li, Louis Gilbert and Thérence Guillerme from LISAA Animation & Video Games Paris.

"Skeleton Tale is a fun party game that immerses you in an atmosphere which it’s impossible to not be impressed by. The judges’ favourite, it has the perfect balance between gameplay, neat graphic direction and limitless fun," writes the French Agency for Video Game.

The judges’ favourite, it has the perfect balance between gameplay, neat graphic direction and limitless fun

French Agency for Video Game

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