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Graphic Design
LISAA Rennes

Two LISAA students create the visual identity for the Métropole Electroni[K] website

Guillaume Fournigault et Clément Scoarnec, Graphic Design students at LISAA Rennes, created the visual identity of the Métropole Electroni[K] website, dedicated to the sound mapping of Rennes and its suburbs.

A New Identity for a New Platform

Under the auspices of Patrice Guinche et Florent Chamiot-Poncet, teachers in graphic design at LISAA Rennes, 30 students worked on the graphic design for Métropole Electroni[k]’s website, a project supported by Novosphère and organised by Rennes Métropole and the organisers of the Maintenant festival.

It was Guillaume Fournigault and Clément Scoarnec’s proposition that was selected. The two students stood out due to their capacity to meet the expectations of partners concerning the responsive quality of the web design, the ergonomics of the reactive map and the possibility of adapting the visual identity for other communication supports, whether digital or print.

A Sound Mapping Website

Founded in 2008 by the Electroni[k] association, the Métropole Electroni[k] project consists of allowing local musicians and artists to create sound designs in various emblematic places in Rennes and its suburbs. As such, work has been created at the Industrial Postal Platform, Rennes Armorique, on the campus at the Rennes 2 University, at the Rennes Bretagne Airport, at the Le Diapason cultural service in the Rennes 1 University and the Rennes train station…

In 2014, the launch of the new web platform allows all of this work to be accessible to the public. This service aims to allow urban spaces to be discovered or rediscovered via sound in order to think of the city not as a source of noise but rather as a rich acoustic space.


Electroni[k] has developed a project dedicated to contemporary creation in the fields of sound and image, with a particular focus on multidisciplinary and innovative projects. Originally centred on electronic culture (live audio-visual, performances, installations), the association’s project gradually widened to include other disciplines (graphic arts, installations) and other aesthetics (contemporary or electroacoustic music), all while reinforcing its singularity. It now supports the essential work of cultural action for a very broad ranging public (schools and families, students, people in social difficulty…)

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Visual identity of Métropole Electroni[k] by Guillaume Fournigault and Clément Scoarnec.

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