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Two LISAA students win the 1st Jury Prize at Syctom’s Zero Waste Design Competion

Roxane Oberti and Louise de Beauvais, 3rd year students in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at LISAA PARIS, have been awarded the 1st Jury Prize at the 3rd edition of the Syctom Zero Waste Design student competition, for the project on 18th June, 2014.

A Project Designed to Reduce Paper Waste at Trade Fairs

Roxane Oberti and Louise de Beauvais would like to reduce paper consumption at trade fairs. As such, they have created, an online service platform allowing users to access information in digital format rather than on paper.

The project consists of a website and a smartphone application which deal with all visitor activities at a trade fair, from the choice of event they want to attend to the option of looking at products promoted by exhibitors. In addition to providing a service for users, this project could lead to saving 19,800,000 sheets of A4 paper and 29,700,000 business cards at trade fairs in the Ile-de-France region.

Creating Innovative and Sustainable Consumer Goods

The Zero Waste Design competition aims to create innovative and sustainable consumer goods, allowing a significant reduction in the waste generated by products on the market.

The aim is to conserve natural resources by encouraging eco-conscious product design. Students from diverse courses (design, environmental science, engineering, applied arts, etc…) were invited to explore different paths: analyse the life cycle of a product in order to identify potential waste reduction; question the functionality and the usefulness of a product; rethink the durability and ability to repair a product.

The 1st Prize of the Syctom Competition

The judging panel, comprised of professionals in the field of sustainable development, chose this project amongst the 11 projects presented (ENSCI, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, ENSAAMA…). Forty-nine projects were submitted.

The first prize is a grant of 5000 euros awarded to the winners’ school.

Photo credit: Bruno Tainturier
Legend: The 1st Jury Prize of the Syctom Zero Waste student competition was awarded to Louise de Beauvais (left) et Roxane Oberti (right).
HD photographs available on request

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