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Graphic Design
LISAA Paris Graphic Design & Motion design

Video projects in Motion Design

Students in Digital art direction worked on a voice-over project in their motion design class.

Students of LISAA Digital Art Direction class have created animations in motion design, starting from a voice-over, on various subjects, ranging from champagne Veuve Cliquot or Shalimar perfume, to hapiness and Saint-Germain. Here are their videos.

'Shalimar' - Amandine Crépin, Cileia Monard, Solène Saguez

'Saint-Germain' - Adrien Kelejian, Julien Amice, Sébastien Talhaoui

'Veuve-Cliquot' - Lisa Grandclément, Shuang Geng, Ivana Nhouyvanisvong

'Le bonheur à l'état pur' - Zoé Chabouis, Anaïs Barthélémny, Jules Couderc

'Siri Hustvedt' - Alice Four, Morgane Cahu, Larbi Tiamani

'Le pont Mirabeau' - Claire-Marie Bassaler, Marie Leprince

'Soliman le magnifique' - Margot Fayol, Maha Lamandé

'Le parfum' - Agathe Lobrot, Morgane Ghirardi, Mélanie Torchio

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Formations liées au projet
Bachelor Motion Design
This course trains students to direct film and television credits, music and advertising videos, televisual graphic design, web banners, advertisements on smartphones and tablets, animated documentaries and illustrated digital books.
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Master Digital Art Direction
The art director has a key role working directly with an advertiser or within an agency: they are responsible for their client’s image, brand or company in the sense that they come into play whenever this is on show. Students learn how to implement a communications strategy and concepts and then translate these into graphics that can be adapted to all visual, digital or printed media.
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