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Vincent Flohic - Jean-Baptiste Houard - Mathilde Vejrich - Lee Oscar Meyer - Alexandre Bouthillier - Pierre-Yves Vauzelle

Late in the night, a man remembers the tragic night during which his wife died because of him. In the morning, the sun rises while the events of the night seem distant.

A film by Vincent Flohic (Surfacing) - Jean-Baptiste Houard (Compositing, Rigging) - Mathilde Vejrich (Compositing) - Lee Oscar Meyer (Storyboard, Concept art) - Alexandre Bouthillier (Special Effects) - Pierre-Yves Vauzelle (Animation). Music: Kévin Lafort. Sound designer: Pierre-Yves Vauzelle. Technique: Mixte : 3-D, live, embedding, VFX.

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