Graphic & Motion Design Courses Master Digital Art Direction / 360 Communication Post-Graduate (2 years after a bachelor programme) Paris in French


The 360° Communication course is for students who wish to further their skills in print media while advancing their learning in digital media. In addition to the shared core with the digital art direction course, students work on three complementary axes: publishing/illustration, branding/strategy and events.

Three learning methods

Students can choose between three learning methods:

  • Initial: students have the time and means to carry out ambitious and innovative projects. They benefit from a wide choice of teaching modules.
  • Sandwich Course: students benefit from the advantages of a sandwich course work placement. Integrated into the companies that pay them and pay for their schooling, they gain significant work experience.
  • International: students begin their year with a six-month international experience—a study stay or an internship. In both cases, they can apply for Erasmus funding.

Qualification listed on level I on the French register of professional certifications (RNCP)/Master's level

This two-year master’s-level course is accessible to students who have completed a bachelor’s-level training in graphic design undertaken at a graphic design, multi-media or web school, or a university.

Graduates are awarded a qualification in Digital Art Direction - IDAA-LISAA, NSF 322t - level 7 (EU) I (FR), registered on the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) by Order of 11th December 2018 published in the Official Journal of 18th December 2018.

LISAA's two-year degree is the equivalent of a master’s as per European nomenclature. In the context of international mobility, ECTS credits are recognised via the Erasmus+ programme.


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Shared core
  • 01. Visual Identity
    28 hrs/year
  • 02. Digital art direction
    49 hrs/year
  • 03. Motion Design
    21 hrs/year
  • 04. Photo/Video
    21 hrs/year
  • 05. UI Design
    21 hrs/year
  • 06. Digital Environment
    21 hrs/year
  • 07. Multimedia Campaign
    70 hrs/year
  • 08. Client project
    77 hrs/year
360° Communication course
  • 09. Branding/Strategy
    70 hrs/year
  • 10. Publishing/Illustration
    35 hrs/year
  • 11. Events
    35 hrs/year

Teaching Staff


  • François Vermorel
    François Vermorel

    Head of Studies - Digital Art Direction & UX Design

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Entry Requirements & Application

This course is accessible to students who have completed a bachelor’s-level qualification in graphic design (web design, webmaster, web, multimedia, computer graphic design) undertaken at a graphic design, multi-media or web school, or a university.
Admission is subject to an oral interview and the submission of an application dossier. This interview is the opportunity to discuss the candidate’s experience and goals, in order to assess their motivation and their suitability to the specificities of the graphic design professions.


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