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Review of the 19th LISAA Global Jam

The 19th edition of the Game Jam took place on the weekend of 17 to 19 February 2023. For this new edition, LISAA Game & Anim Paris decided to put some of the historical JAM teams in competition with each other. At the end of the competition, the title of best JAM 2023 team was up for grabs. For 48 hours, 70 students divided into teams worked on developing a game based on a set theme: "Nothing is permanent". Here's a look back at this major game training event!

LISAA's Game Jam, a marathon of creativity

The Game Jam organised by LISAA involves students working together on a collaborative project to create a video game in record time. This type of project, organised internally by LISAA, takes place several times a year in the different schools and is always a great success. Limited time, intensive work and innovative ideas are the perfect mix to motivate students to design their own games!

ABM wins the prize for best team at Jam 2023

The results of this year's Jam are more than positive, encouraging LISAA Game & Anim Paris to continue to organise this kind of professional event. The various teams, inspired by the theme "Nothing is permanent", came up with original proposals that allowed them to demonstrate and develop their creativity.

At the end of 48 hours of intense JAM, the ABM team was crowned best team at Game Jam 2023. A well-deserved award that brings this 19th edition to a close.

« I'm very happy and proud of winning this prize. The jams are still a key event at LISAA Game & Anim, and well done to all the other teams. »

LISAA Game & Anim would like to congratulate all the participants for their contribution and hard work. They were able to put into practice the teaching provided at LISAA Game & Anim while improving their own skills.

A taste of what it's like to work in a studio

Game JAM also gives LISAA students an idea of what it's like to work in a video game studio. Organising group work, developing a project and solving problems are all subjects that they will be able to deal with in their future professional careers. The students come up with original and highly professional proposals, they give it their all and beyond the intensive work, this event is also a convivial moment that they all spend together.

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