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Interior Decorator

Job profile

The interior decorator is a professional in interior design. He handles the decoration and layout of a private or public space, while respecting his client's choices and tastes.

Interior Decorator: The Overview

Similar Names: Interior Space Designer, Interior Designer, Environmental Designer.

Education Level: Specialization.

Employability: Very good.

Starting Salary: between 1,500 euros and 2,300 euros gross per month.

Experienced Salary: between 3,000 euros and 4,000 euros gross per month.

What is an Interior Decorator?

An interior decorator advises clients on their decoration and interior design projects. They imagine and create interior spaces, both private and public.

This expert works with both individuals and professionals. They may optimize apartments, houses, but also offices, shops, or hotels. Note that unlike an interior architect, a decorator is not authorized to modify the architecture and structure of spaces.

What Training is Required to Become an Interior Decorator?

The profession of interior decorator remains accessible without a specific diploma. However, it is advisable to have at least a high school level education in the building field. Examples include the Professional Baccalaureate in Architectural Space Design (AEA) or the BTS in Layout Design Studies and Realization.

To become an interior decorator, you can take a professional retraining course in Interior Design & Decoration. In less than a year, you will learn to design and carry out an interior decoration project from A to Z.

What are the Responsibilities of an Interior Decorator?

Interior decoration professionals are versatile experts. They first take the time to assess the project with their clients. Then, they propose various design sketches. Finally, they oversee the execution of the space arrangement.

Project Assessment with the Client

During an initial meeting, the interior space designer reviews the project with the client. They immerse themselves in the decoration project and inquire about the client’s tastes, needs, budget, and expectations. They also study the strengths and constraints of the space to be designed. After this initial step, the decorator can provide an estimate.

Drawing and Designing the Layout and Decoration Plan

Once they have a clear understanding of the project, the interior decorator will create sketches on paper or directly on the computer. These drawings will then be transformed into 2D and 3D views, allowing the client to better visualize the proposed layout.

The interior designer will also present various color palettes and samples. They will choose the materials and furniture to be used. At this stage, the client can approve or request modifications to the project.

Supervision and Coordination of Various Works

The interior space designer coordinates the decoration and layout works. They monitor the progress of the project and the work of the craftsmen. If needed, they can help find reliable workers. The interior decorator also ensures that the final arrangement matches the initial project.

What Qualities are Required to Become an Interior Decorator?

The profession of interior decorator requires artistic, technical, and organizational skills. It demands a lot of creativity and knowledge of current decoration trends. Interior decorators must also master various 2D and 3D design software. They must be well-organized and attentive to their clients' needs.

Creativity and Artistic Aptitude

Creating a harmonious interior requires creative skills. The interior decorator must be able to work with existing elements while adding a touch of modernity suited to the client’s tastes. This professional is often a passionate artist and decorator who stays updated with the latest trends.

Technical Skills

An interior decorator's work also involves various technical skills. They must be able to produce precise drawings on paper. They also master various 2D and 3D design software such as:

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Sketchup
  • AutoCAD

Organizational Skills and Listening Abilities

To manage a project from design to completion, an interior designer must be well-organized. They play a coordination role between the different project stakeholders. This decoration professional also ensures to keep their clients informed of the project progress. They must be able to quickly understand and respond to their clients' requests and choices.

What is the Salary of an Interior Decorator?

The monthly salary of an interior decorator ranges between 1,500 euros and 4,000 euros gross per month. A beginner interior space designer earns between 1,500 euros and 2,000 euros in the provinces. In the Paris region, they will earn between 1,800 euros and 2,300 euros. The salary of an experienced professional ranges between 3,000 euros and 4,000 euros.

Note that a freelance interior decorator can earn a higher salary. Depending on the project scope, they will charge by the project or by the hour (between 100 and 200 euros including VAT).

Where Can You Work as an Interior Decorator?

Interior decorators can work independently or within a company. They spend a significant amount of their time in an office. They also visit clients' locations to understand the project and coordinate various decoration and layout works.

Training as an Interior Decorator at LISAA

You can enroll in one of the courses offered by the Institute of Applied Arts (LISAA) to become an interior decorator. LISAA is a recognized institution by the National Union of Interior Architects Designers (UNAID). Founded in 1986, it has a campus in Paris and several branches in the provinces.

Do you want to retrain in interior decoration? Join our professional retraining course in Interior Design & Decoration at our Paris school. In nine months, you will master the skills needed to design an interior design project. You will take courses both in-person and online. Then, you will complete a three-month internship at an interior design agency.

To learn more about this training, download our brochure


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