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A new concept for Casino Barrière Enghien-les-Bains

Interior Architecture & Design students worked in partnership with the Barrière Group to redesign the spaces and decoration of the Enghien-les-Bains casino, with the goal of making it the European leader in entertainment!

Modernising the customer experience

The Barrière group commissioned fifth-year LISAA Paris Interior Architecture/Design students to open up the Enghien-les-Bains casino to a broader audience, via two strategies: a new concept and a different programme.

The casino already has versatile facilities on its side. Today, in addition to a games area, there is also a place for people to meet in the form of its restaurants, and a cultural venue in the form of a theatre and the festivals organised in this space.

The varied nature of the issues at hand meant students had the opportunity to draw out their creativity: how can a new image be created for the casino through new spaces and new uses? How can customers with very diverse profiles be best accommodated? How can VIP lounges be distinguished from standard spaces? And, finally, how can digital be integrated to improve customer experience?

Global design and spatial design

Students formed an agency to undertake the challenge, adopting a global design angle to develop a real identity, and a spatial design angle to develop the casino’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

They worked on a global concept to give the place a new identity and then adapted it to visual identity, signage, the distribution and layout of spaces, the facade, furniture and communication tools – including a mobile app.

Enghien-les-Bains Casino

The only casino in the Île-de-France region, the Casino d’Enghien-les-Bains is located on the shores of Enghien lake near the thermal baths. In addition to the 1,500 m² dedicated to slot machines and table games, the building has a theatre, two restaurants and three bars. A few metres from the casino, the Barrière Group also has two hotels for its spa and casino customers.

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