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Albert-Jan Pool, designer of FF DIN, leads a typography workshop in Strasbourg

Students at LISAA Strasbourg participated at the Latin Scripts Workshop – an introduction to type design, led by Albert-Jan Pool at the University of Strasbourg.

A type design workshop

Dutch typographer Albert-Jan Pool, designer of the famous FF DIN typeface, and typographer and graphic designer Marleen Krallmann—who both teach at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel—led a workshop at the University of Strasbourg around the theme of an introduction to font design.

The workshop consisted of a practical and theoretical programme with the participation of researchers and practitioners. In particular, it allowed students to discover in a practical way the fundamental European writing styles (gothic, italic…).

A collegiate workshop in Strasbourg

Launched under the initiative of Pierre Roesch, history of design and typography teacher at LISAA, Vivien Philizot and Julia Coffre from the University of Strasbourg, this Latin Scripts workshop brought together BTS graphic design students from LISAA Strasbourg with project design master’s students from the university, students in graphic communication and the Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) and in DSAA Design from the Le Corbusier Lycée.

The closing conference given by Marleen Krallmann was on the theme of the birth of writing and the roman/italic differentiation. Analysis of original manuscripts and the practice of their writing is essential, in order to understand how manuscript writing developed, to teach handwriting at primary school or even to design typefaces.

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