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Biomim’expo 2019: LISAA students take inspiration from nature in their designs

How does one design with a bio-inspired approach? How does one innovate while taking environmental challenges into consideration? For several years now, LISAA Interior Architecture & Design has ensured its students are aware of these major issues. And this happens, in part, through the collaboration with the CEEBIOS – the European Centre of Excellence in Biomimicry at Senlis. And once again this year, student projects carried out as part of this partnership will be exhibited at the Biomim'expo.

Ecodesign, one of the fundamental pillars of education at LISAA

LISAA Interior Architecture & Design has been committed to sustainability for several years now and considers it essential to teach its students about environmentally responsible design. "All of the projects they are working on are imbued with and linked to these major issues. Ecodesign is one of the fundamental pillars of our training," says Emmanuelle Torck, director of the Parisian school.

She adds: "Designers have a responsibility. They design the new objects that appear on our planet which need, therefore, to have a reason for being. They must be sustainable. The designer is responsible for what they produce."

These concepts are taught through major projects in collaboration with renowned partners.

Biomimetics: innovation inspired by nature

Since 2012, LISAA Interior Architecture & Design has collaborated with CEEBIOS – the European Centre of Excellence in Biomimicry in Senlis, a network of biomimicry expertise. It is the first higher education design school to have established links with CEEBIOS.

Thanks to this partnership, students learn the methodology of biomimetics—or, in other words, drawing inspiration from the living world to innovate, design and create.

"Biomimicry is an obvious solution that resurfaces and accelerates with the need to recreate a resilient, perennial and sustainable world that is quite simply viable and livable." So writes Alain Renaudin, the founder and organizer of Biomim'expo, a unique event, aiming to promote this methodology to decision-makers in science, industry, and also public and private spheres for whom environmental issues impact daily and strategic choices and/or a search for inspiration and innovation. LISAA is a partner of this major event.

Last year, the students were set the task of designing a work environment inspired by nature and these projects were exhibited at the 2018 Biomim’expo.

Once again this year, CEEBIOS will be working with LISAA students by setting them the challenge of a project in collaboration with the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

A project in partnership with CEEBIOS and la Cité des Sciences

In 2020, Universcience will present a permanent exhibition located in the indoor greenhouse of the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Paris) on the theme of bio-inspiration.

CEEBIOS and the Cité des Sciences challenged LISAA students to design the scenography for this exhibition, with a bio-inspired approach.

A theme that inspired the students of LISAA Interior Architecture & Design.

Matthieu Patissons, for example, designed a structure of tubes made from salvaged plastic waste filled with micro-algae. These decontaminate the environment and regulate the building’s heating and energy.

Pénélope Fénard also opted to use micro-algae—diatoms in her case, which improve air quality, optimize the quality of the energy and the materials used, and are bio-sourced, biodegradable and suppliers of energy.

Project exhibition at Biomim'expo

For four years, Biomim'expo has brought together leaders and stakeholders in the world of biomimicry. A real meeting point between scientists, researchers, startups, large groups, public organizations and schools, last year it counted more than 2000 visitors. This year, LISAA is a partner of the event, alongside international companies such as LVMH, L'Oréal and Engie.

The students’ projects will be exhibited as part of the event on 22nd October at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.


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