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Biomimetics-inspired workspaces for CEEBIOS

How can nature be the inspiration behind a re-envisioned workspace? The Interior Architecture & Design students at LISAA Paris have designed bio-inspired workspaces for the CEEBIOS (European Centre of Excellence in Biomimetics of Senlis) headquarters.

A global design project inspired by biomimetism

CEEBIOS wanted to rethink the office and laboratory spaces of its historic site, at a time when ways of working are changing. Fourth-year students on the Interior Architecture & Design course at LISAA Paris have designed spaces in a global design approachnew layout, usage scenarios, visual identity and associated services – shown on different scales and through different media.

The projects are based on the principles of the living world, using biomimetic methodology. How does nature inspire the innovations of the future and bring solutions to contemporary challenges? This is the question raised by biomimicry, a real opportunity for the future, central to the innovation strategies of many companies, research centres and innovative companies, because at the heart of the new transition underway are the following: saving energy, producing less waste, combining growth and biodiversity, working and communicating in open and collegiate systems, un-formatting thinking in order to innovate through open-ended approaches, inspired by 3.8 billion years of R&D in nature!

The evolution of the workspace

Remote work, shared spaces, resource pooling, digitalisation, parallel activities, night work, Sunday work, in a team or alone... In this continually evolving setting, the designer/interior architect’s role is essential. They must question these new ways of working and the uses that stem from them.

The student designers have offered Ceebios a coherent work ecosystem integrating its practices, uses and organisation. The winning projects will be exhibited on 23rd October at the Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie on the occasion of the Biomim'expo event, the annual gathering of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations organised by CEEBIOS.

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