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Graphic Design
LISAA Rennes

Creation of posters by students at LISAA Rennes for TransMusicales

For TransMusicales, graphic design students from LISAA Rennes expose a series of "Peritell" posters about the French Touch. The idea is to find out what is left from this period in the imagination of 20 year olds in Rennes.

A graphic look at the French Touch

To create their posters, the graphic design students at LISAA Rennes drew from a large database consisting of more than 250 articles, radio shows, TV reports, documentaries and movies. The goal was to capture the best cultural and social effervescence of the current French Touch.

Each student selected an idea from a list of 13 videos, with the objective to design a poster accompanied by a text on the visual and musical content of the video, the album and the affiliated label. It tells the story of the group and its transition to TransMusicales. A big thank you to Johann Feillais, professor, for the documentation quality and to Richard Louvet & Patrice Guinche for mentoring the students.

The French Touch

If for almost thirty years the French Touch term refers to different types of creations (clothing, videogames...), it refers primarily to a musical trend from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s.

Driven mainly by the labels Solid, Yellow Productions, Roulé and F Communications, and illustrated by H5, M / M, La Shampouineuse and Alexandre Courtes, this period was a time when a significant number of young versatile artists taking their first steps in the video flourished.

This theme was inspired by the French Tech at Rennes Saint-Malo, partners of the project.

TransMusicales 2015

The program for the 37th edition of the TransMusicales festival will be dense. Held in Rennes from December 2 to 6. The Rennes festival remains true to its reputation by highlighting new talent while digging especially into electronic music, unearthed around the world. 77 artists will be celebrated during the 5 day festival.

Practical Information

Exhibition of French Touch Posters
Espace VIP entreprises des TransMusicales
Parc des expositions de Rennes

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