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Adapting to climate change in partnership with Cerema

Cerema (Centre for Studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Development) asked LISAA Paris students in Interior Architecture & Design to reflect on the question of human adaptation to climate change. This was an open subject of reflection and experimentation.


Humans have always experienced climatic changes to which they have had to adapt. This ever-present question concerns us all and this is why the public organisation Cerema wished to call upon fourth-year Interior Architecture & Design students at LISAA Paris in a global design approach. This project gives full meaning to the role of the architect and designer.

Cerema asked the budding designers to lead an innovative and experimental reflection based on current and future uses, new ways of living, working, consuming, making, having fun, moving... The global design approach enabled them to look at this question in a transversal way and have a new perspective on our living environment, our uses, our cities and our lives.


Analyzing an environment and the way it changes, drawing conclusions and formulating new intelligent and innovative proposals: this is the role of the designer and the students at LISAA for Cerema. How can the trend be reversed and benefits be drawn from such a change? Innovative proposals, spaces, services, objects and more can be seen in the gallery 'See more pictures'.

See the degree projects of Charles Saade and Aurore Timon.

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